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Age Co Landline-Free Personal Alarm Product FAQs

Does the Age Co Landline-Free Personal Alarm work in the garden?

Yes, the Age Co Landline-Free Personal Alarm works up to 246ft from the alarm base unit. As part of the set up, Taking Care will ask you to test the range from different locations so you are confident of getting help around the home. 

How is the UK's telephone network changing in the next few years? 

The way people make phone calls has changed over the last 10 years. Landline calls are still common, although many people now use a mobile phone as their main telephone.

Most landline telephone services have relied on an analogue network called the ‘Public Switched Telephone Network’ (PSTN). This network is becoming increasingly costly and difficult to maintain by telephone providers such as Openreach and Virgin Media.

Telephone providers plan to upgrade the analogue network with new digital technology called ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP). This carries calls over a broadband connection and offers potential benefits to consumers and telephone providers. Consumers should benefit from clearer calls. Telephone providers will be able to ensure their landline services are fit for the future.  

Openreach plan to transfer customers to digital networks by 2025 and Virgin Media have similar timescales.

How will changes to the telephone network affect personal alarm services?

For most people who use a telephone landline to make calls, the switch will be straightforward. They will continue to receive the same telephone landline service and use the same phone number. Their telephone provider will advise of any changes during the switchover. 

Taking Care have successfully tested their personal alarm equipment in a digital environment with help from all the main telephone providers, including BT and Virgin. Taking Care's Landline-Free Personal Alarm will be unaffected by these changes because it does not need a telephone landline. Instead it uses a roaming SIM card to make calls to the Emergency Resolution Centre.  As an added benefit, all call costs are included in the monthly subscription.

Where can I find more information about changes to the telephone network or how this may affect personal alarm services?

You can find information on how changes to the telephone network may affect you on the Ofcom website. The switch from the traditional analogue phone lines will be undertaken by different telephone providers at different times depending on their plans and locations. Openreach plan to transfer customers to digital networks by 2025. Virgin Media anticipate completing switching customers to digital networks within a similar timescale. Your telephone provider can provide further details on their specific plans.

If you have any concerns or questions about how these changes may affect your personal alarm service, Taking Care's Customer Service team are happy to answer your questions. Please call 0800 085 8032*, Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.

What is included in my order?

When you order the Landline-Free Personal Alarm, Taking Care will send you a personal alarm pendant, a neck and pendant strap, base unit and multi-network SIM card, power adapter and welcome guide.

The SIM card is pre-fitted so you don't need to worry about fitting a small SIM card in your personal alarm.

Free warranty and repair and unlimited alarm calls are also included with your order. 

What is included in the subscription?

The subscription includes 24-hour monitoring by the Emergency Resolution Centres and the ongoing SIM card costs. 

The subscription can be set up by monthly or annual Direct Debit. The subscription also includes a free lifetime warranty and repair service. 

The lifetime warranty covers your equipment if it develops a fault or stops working. Taking Care will either repair or replace the equipment for you for free. If the pendant alarm battery needs replacing, then Taking Care will change that for you too - at no extra charge! 

If the alarm uses a SIM card, why is there no extra call costs?

The subscription includes unlimited personal alarm calls, 24-hour monitoring and the SIM card use. You do not need to remember to top-up the SIM card or pay any additional charges for calls as this is all included. 

Is the pendant water resistant?

Yes, the pendant alarm is water resistant up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. You can wear the pendant in the bath and shower, which is where slips are common.

Can you set up the alarm for me?

The Age Co Landline-Free Personal Alarm is ready to use out of the box. It just needs to be plugged into the mains socket and turned on. If you would like someone to set up your personal alarm then Taking Care are of course happy to do this. Add the installation service to your package for an extra £99 (£118.80 including VAT). You can do this when you order online or by telephone. Taking Care will call you within 1 working day of receiving your order to arrange a convenient date and time.

One of the friendly Taking Care installation team will visit your home and set everything up. They will bring everything with them so you won't receive a delivery in the post. If you have purchased a key safe, they will fit that too at no extra charge. The Taking Care Installer will test your personal alarm and show you how it works 

Is the delivery, warranty and repair service free of charge?

Yes! Delivery is free of charge and includes next working day delivery for orders received by 1pm, Monday – Friday to postcodes in England and Wales. For areas of the UK that Taking Care are unable to deliver to within 24 hours, there is a 48-hour delivery instead.

In the event of a personal alarm fault or if your pendant battery needs replacing, Taking Care will fix the issue, free of charge. Depending on the nature of the issue, Taking Care may send you a replacement personal alarm or one of their advisors will visit your home to repair the equipment or replace the battery.

What is covered by the personal alarm warranty?

In the event of a personal alarm fault or if your pendant battery needs replacing, Taking Care will fix the issue, free of charge. Depending on the nature of the issue, Taking Care may send you a replacement personal alarm or one of their advisors will visit your home to repair the equipment or replace the battery.

What do I need to use the personal alarm service?

The Age Co Landline-Free Personal Alarm base unit needs to be plugged into a power socket. It is recommended you have someone who has keys to your home and can assist in an emergency or a key safe.

What if I need more than one pendant?

When you are ordering online, you can add another pendant for anyone living at the same address, or to use as a spare. There is a one-off cost of £35 (£42 including VAT), however there is no on-going additional charge for the extra monitoring. 

Is the personal alarm service suitable for use if you are deaf or hard of hearing?

Yes, it is. You will need to set up with ‘Type talk’ or ‘Next Generation Text’ to allow Taking Care to contact you. Alternatively Taking Care can call your nominated emergency contacts. 

Will my personal alarm be affected by alarm pendants that may be nearby?

No, your personal alarm cannot be triggered by another alarm pendant.

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