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Are you at risk of falling?

Falls are the number one reason older people are taken to the emergency department in a hospital.

Age Co is 100% owned by Age UK and gives its profits to the charity. In the last 5 years Age Co has donated more than £12m to Age UK.

Falls are the number one reason older people are taken to the emergency department in a hospital.

Falls can result in fractures and other serious injuries. Even a minor fall can leave you distressed and less confident about your independence. The good news is there are lots of things you can do to stay steady on your feet and reduce the risk of a fall.

How to reduce the risk of falling

Understanding your risk of a fall and the causes of falls will help avoid unnecessary accidents at home or out-and-about. The Falls Risk Score is a free online tool that assesses your indicative risk of falling.

Falls Risk Score

By completing the Falls Risk Score you can download the Taking Care Falls Prevention Guide. The guide has lots of practical advice and tips to help reduce the risk of a fall, including how to fall-proof your home and lifestyle changes to improve strength and balance.

Find out your risk score in 2 minutes

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How to get help quickly if you fall

The Falls Risk Score will also provide personalised recommendations on the most suitable personal alarm for you based on your answers.

A personal alarm with in-built fall detection can ensure help reaches you quickly if you do have a fall, reducing the health risks related to lying on the floor after an accident.

All Age Co Personal Alarms are monitored 24-hours a day by Taking Care's specialist Emergency Resolution Team. When they are alerted of a fall or emergency, they will call nominated friends and family or the emergency services if further help is required.

This life-saving service provides reassurance that help will reach you if the worst should happen, even if you are unable to respond. 

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