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Product FAQs - Taking Care Sense

How do I order a personal alarm with Taking Care Sense?

To include Taking Care Sense in your personal alarm package, choose the alarm you would like and add Taking Care Sense as an option when you order online.

I already have an Age Co Personal Alarm. How do I add Taking Care Sense to my subscription?

Call Taking Care on 0800 085 8032 to speak to the Customer Services team who will arrange for Taking Care Sense to be added to your personal alarm subscription. Customer Services are open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

What do I need to use Taking Care Sense?

You only need one person who is a nominated contact that Taking Care can call if an issue is detected. If they have an email address, then they can also receive a weekly email summary of activity and temperature extremes. Your order confirmation email will include a link to an online account setup form.

Taking Care Sense just needs to be placed on a surface in the kitchen out of direct sunlight. It is pre-fitted with a battery that has a 3-year life so it doesn't need an electrical socket nearby.

There is no need for Wi-Fi or broadband either because it uses a special low-power wide-area network, specifically designed for low-powered devices that send small amounts of data. There is no SIM card to top-up or extra mobile network costs. All costs are included in the subscription.

Do I need to pay VAT?

It depends if Taking Care Sense is ordered as a standalone product or with a personal alarm. When ordered on its own, Taking Care Sense does not qualify for VAT exemption under UK government rules because it does not include a personal alarm and the price will include VAT.

When Taking Care Sense is ordered with a personal alarm, you may be eligible for VAT exemption, for example if you have a condition that requires regular medication or are registered disabled

Key safes are also not eligible for VAT exemption under the current UK government rules. If you order a key safe with Taking Care Sense, you will pay VAT on this part of your order too.

When will my order be delivered?

Delivery is free and includes next working day delivery for orders received by 1pm, Monday – Friday to postcodes in England and Wales. For areas of the UK that Taking Care is unable to deliver to within 24 hours, a 48-hour delivery is offered instead.

Do I own the Taking Care Sense?

You do not own the Taking Care Sense device, it is rented to you for the duration of your subscription. When you no longer need the service Taking Care will provide you with a freepost Royal Mail return collection bag

What happens after I have placed my order?

Once you have submitted your order online, you will be taken to a page in order to complete a Direct Debit instruction form. In case you are not able to complete this straight away, a link to the form will also be sent within your order confirmation email.

Your order confirmation email will also include a link to an online account setup form. Please complete and submit this form so Taking Care have the information needed to set up your Taking Care Sense account. This includes the email addresses of any family members who you would like to receive the weekly email summary of activity and temperature extremes.

What if I change my mind after ordering?

You have the right to cancel within 30 days of purchase and Taking Care will refund your order once the equipment is returned.  

How do I set up the Direct Debit subscription?

The subscription is paid by Direct Debit and for convenience Taking Care recommend you set this up when you order online. If ordering by telephone then the Direct Debit Instruction will be set up over the phone with you by Taking Care's sales advisors. Your Direct Debit will be confirmed in writing by Taking Care no later than 10 working days before the first collection.

When you place your order online, you will have two payment options to choose from. You can choose to pay the set up cost as part of your first Direct Debit payment, in which case you will need to complete the Direct Debit Instruction shown when you have completed your order.

Or you may prefer to pay the one-off set up cost and first subscription payment by debit or credit card and set up the Direct Debit later. Some customers prefer this option if someone else is paying for the subscription. For example, customers may order the personal alarm service for family members who wish to pay the subscription themselves.

Your order confirmation email will include a link to the Direct Debit Instruction in case someone else needs to set it up or you wish to do it later. If you have any problems setting up the Direct Debit, please call the Taking Care Customer Services team on 0800 085 8032, 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday or email

Who do I tell if my details change?

If any of the details you provide when you setup your account change, please call 0800 085 8032Taking Care rely on this information being correct so they can provide the best possible service.

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