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FAQs – Personal Alarm Watch

Does the Personal Alarm Watch work from any location?

The Personal Alarm Watch uses 2G mobile networks and will work anywhere in the UK where there is a 2G mobile network, except the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. As it requires a network signal to communicate, it can be affected by atmospheric conditions, buildings and other forms of interference that block the pendant's connection to GPS satellites.

Is the Personal Alarm Watch water resistant?

No. You should not wear the pendant in the bath or shower. If you would like a GPS pendant that can be worn in the bath or shower, the Taking Care Anywhere is water resistant and includes fall detection.

How long does the Personal Alarm Watch battery last?

The battery will last approximately 48 hours. The display notifies you of a low battery and the watch charges in 90 minutes. A magnetic charger is included that locks against the back of the watch so it is easy to charge. We recommend you charge it daily.

How can friends and family view the location of my Personal Alarm Watch?

Friends and family can view the GPS device location and location history through a secure website, if this has been shared with them. If required, Taking Care can set this up once you have received the Personal Alarm Watch.

With safe zones, geographic boundaries can be set that trigger an alert to loved ones if the Personal Alarm Watch moves outside of these pre-set locations. Taking Care can set this up for you at no extra charge if you contact Customer Services once you have received your order. 

What do I need to set up the Personal Alarm Watch?

Everything you need is provided with your order and it is ready to use out of the box without any installation.

Do I own the Personal Alarm Watch?

Yes. Unlike the Age Co Personal Alarm, Age Co Fall Alarm or Taking Care Anywhere packages, you buy the Personal Alarm Watch. The subscription you pay is for the 24-hour monitoring. If the Personal Alarm Watch develops a fault outside of the 12 month warranty, you would need to order a replacement to continue benefiting from the 24-hour monitored alarm service.

Does the Personal Alarm Watch need a telephone line?

No, the Personal Alarm Watch is fully mobile. It uses a multi-network SIM to ensure the GPS device will remain connected as long as there is a mobile network available.

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