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FAQ - Taking Care Sense

Do I need nominated contacts to use Taking Care Sense?

Yes. Taking Care Sense does not have a button that you press in an emergency so Taking Care are not able to call the Emergency Services if an issue is detected. Therefore, you should have at least one person who is a nominated contact that Taking Care can call.

Your order confirmation email will include a link to an online account setup form. Use this form to provide the details of the nominated contacts, including their email addresses if you would like them to receive the weekly email summary of activity and temperature extremes.

What does Taking Care Sense detect?

Taking Care Sense detects changes in room environment and temperature. There are no cameras or microphones. The device learns the user’s behaviour patterns through changes in room environment and temperature. Typical behaviour patterns are recorded based on the use of a kettle, washing up, windows and doors being opened and use of the central heating.

How quickly will I be alerted if an issue is detected?

Taking Care Sense monitors activity patterns and the home environment 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

When Taking Care's Resolution Team are notified of a change to the usual pattern of daily living activity, they will call the household between 8am and 10pm (365 days a year). If there is no response, Taking Care’s Resolution Team will call a nominated person such as a family member or friend who can then arrange to check on the household to make sure all is well.

If the temperature is below 14 degrees for a 12-hour period, the Resolution Team will call next of kin between 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays).

What does the weekly email summary show?

A summary of activity and temperature extremes can be sent by email to family members once a week. You can use this email to help manage your loved one's wellbeing. The email shows:

The time of the first and last activity detected in the kitchen: This information helps you to identify changes to your loved one’s morning or night-time routine.

The number of times activity was detected in the kitchen: This shows how many times your loved one has gone into the kitchen each day, for example to eat or drink. Changes in activity may indicate a change in health or wellbeing that you may not be aware of. Daytime and night-time activity is shown in the email.

Lowest temperature in the kitchen: Older adults are more sensitive to extreme temperatures. Taking Care Sense monitors the temperature in the kitchen where it is placed. Low temperatures may be linked to a decrease in the use of heating or a window or door left open. The summary may be particularly useful if you are concerned about fuel poverty or insufficient use of central heating.

Highest temperature in the kitchen: High temperatures can be a risk to health in warmer months. High temperatures may also indicate central heating systems are not working correctly or other heat sources have been left on.

Your order confirmation email will include a link to an online account setup form. Use this form to provide the details of the nominated contacts who you would like to receive the weekly email summary.

What size is Taking Care Sense device?

Taking Care Sense is 8.6cm wide x 8.6cm long x 2.6cm deep (3.4 inches x 3.4 inches x 1 inch). 

Can Taking Care Sense be placed in any room?

Taking Care Sense must be placed in the kitchen and out of direct sunlight so it can detect environmental changes based on activity.

How long does the battery last?

A battery is pre-fitted and will last approximately 3 years. Taking Care will be notified automatically when the battery is running low and will send a replacement device free of charge. 

How do I know if Taking Care Sense is working correctly?

If Taking Care Sense stops working or there is an error then Taking Care are automatically alerted. Unlike a personal alarm, there is no need to test the device.

Does I need Wi-Fi or a mobile network signal to use Taking Care Sense?

No. Taking Care Sense uses a special low-power wide-area network, specifically designed for low-powered devices that send small amounts of data. There is no SIM card to top-up or extra mobile network costs. All costs are included in the subscription.

How do I set up Taking Care Sense?

Taking Care Sense is ready to use straight out of the box and a user guide is included. Taking Care Sense should be placed in the kitchen, on top of a cabinet or shelf and out of direct sunlight. 

What does the set-up cost include?

The set-up cost includes setting up your account with Taking Care and registering you as a customer. You will need to set up Taking Care Sense yourself. The set-up cost does not include any in-person installation assistance.

What is included with the subscription?

The subscription includes monitoring and well-being checks, as well as an optional weekly email summary of activity and temperature extremes. All network costs are included and a lifetime warranty and repair, including if the battery charge runs low, is also included.

I already have an Age Co Personal Alarm. How do I add Taking Care Sense to my subscription?

Call Taking Care on 0800 085 8032 to speak to the Customer Services team who will arrange for Taking Care Sense to be added to your personal alarm subscription. Customer Services are open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Do I own the Taking Care Sense? 

You do not own the Taking Care Sense device, it is rented to you for the duration of your subscription. When you no longer need the service Taking Care will provide you with a freepost Royal Mail return collection bag. 

Is the delivery, warranty and repair service free of charge?

Delivery is free and includes next working day delivery for orders received by 1pm, Monday – Friday to postcodes in England and Wales. For areas of the UK that Taking Care is unable to deliver to within 24 hours, a 48-hour delivery is offered instead. Taking Care Sense will fit through the letterbox, so you won't need to sign for the delivery or wait at home for a courier.

In the event of a fault or if the Taking Care Sense battery needs replacing, Taking Care will fix the issue free of charge.

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