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Age Co Medical Helpline Terms & Conditions

The Age Co Personal Alarms service and website is provided by Taking Care (PPP Taking Care Limited).

Taking Care is the trading name and brand of PPP Taking Care Limited. PPP Taking Care Limited ("PPP Taking Care”, "Taking Care", “us”, “our” and “we”) is part of the AXA Group of companies which includes AXA Insurance UK Plc, AXA Health Ltd, AXA PPP healthcare Ltd & AXA PPP healthcare Group.

These terms apply to the Medical Helpline Service


  • 1.1 The Medical Helpline Service consists of a medical support line and a medication information service which are available to you only where you have purchased this service as part of the Personal Alarm Service from us. The Medical Helpline Service is an optional service which offers expert help from both nurses (in relation to the medical support line) and pharmacists (in relation to the medication information services). These services are further described in your Welcome Pack and on our website which you will find at If you have any questions in relation to the Medical Helpline Services please contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 085 7371*.


    • 2.1 You or your relatives/friends (your “Connected Persons”) can call the Medical Helpline Services on the telephone number which we will provide to you when you set up your service. Our medical team is ready to help whether it’s about a specific health worry, medication and treatment or if you simply need a little guidance and reassurance.
    • 2.2 The availability of the Medical Helpline Service is as follows:
      • i) the medical information line is available 24 hours per day and 365 days per year; and
      • ii) the medication information service is available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8am to 4pm and Sundays 8am to 12pm.

    Please be aware that, unfortunately, the Medical Helpline Service is not available to your Connected Persons if they are located outside of the United Kingdom as the laws in other countries may restrict or impose differing guidelines, laws or regulations in relation to the provision of such services.



    • 3.1 Please be aware that if your contract for the provision of the Personal Alarm Service terminates for any reason at any time, the contract for the provision of the Medical Helpline Services shall automatically terminate at the same time.

    Last updated: 24th August 2020

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